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The Answer Factory: Demand Media and the Fast, Disposable, and Profitable as Hell Media Model

The Answer Factory: Demand Media and the Fast, Disposable, and Profitable as Hell Media Model

This insightful article from Wired accelerates those ongoing, never-ending content debates:

Quality vs. Quick

Human vs. Machine

Profit vs. … well, this is where the debate breaks down because if a business doesn’t make money, its a hobby.

The Customer Development Theory

The TechCrunch post by Nigel Eccles is chock full of great insights and links into Customer Development Theory – a product development methodology formulated by Steve Blank. If you are an entrepreneur of any kind, it’s a must read. The Customer Development Theory was created by Steve Blank, a former entrepreneur and investor, and is […]

When Cheap and Simple is Just Fine

Robert Capps articulates one of this decade’s most prominent themes in his recent article from Wired, The Good Enough Revolution. Reality TV shows, Flip video cameras, free YouTube channels, Google docs, netbooks – we are wildly riding the “good enough” wave. As he puts it: The world has sped up, become more connected and a […]

How Entrepreneurs Save the World

In case you missed it [I did], the fine folks at The Economist put out a report on Entrepreneurship last March. Their shimmering conclusion is that entrepreneurialism is alive and well and thriving the world over.

However, the main takeway from this insightful report is that entrepreneurialism needs to be rethought, and in almost all instances it involves not creative destruction but creative creation.

They also posit the Five Myths of Entrepreneurs.

Research or Die

Basic research is the foundation of innovation. That’s true of every level of entrepreneurship, from national policies to personal growth. Adrian Slywotzky’s article in Business Week, Where Have You Gone, Bell Labs? – How basic research can repair the broken U.S. business model, is an astute assessment of the realities facing the United States economy. […]