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When Cheap and Simple is Just Fine

Robert Capps articulates one of this decade’s most prominent themes in his recent article from Wired, The Good Enough Revolution. Reality TV shows, Flip video cameras, free YouTube channels, Google docs, netbooks – we are wildly riding the “good enough” wave. As he puts it:

The world has sped up, become more connected and a whole lot busier. As a result, what consumers want from the products and services they buy is fundamentally changing. We now favor flexibility over high fidelity, convenience over features, quick and dirty over slow and polished. Having it here and now is more important than having it perfect. These changes run so deep and wide, they’re actually altering what we mean when we describe a product as “high-quality.”

Here’s the takeaway: the good news is that this trend is ideally suited to the times.

As the worst recession in 75 years rolls on, it’s the light and nimble products that are having all the impact – exactly the type of thing that lean startups and small-scale enterprises are best at. To some, it looks like the crapification of everything. But it’s really an improvement. And businesses need to get used to it, because the Good Enough revolution has only just begun.

As more and more industries move their business online, they too will find success in Good Enough tools that focus on maximizing accessibility. It’s a reflection of our new value system.

Reading the entire article is worthwhile.

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