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How Entrepreneurs Save the World

In case you missed it [I did], the fine folks at The Economist put out a report on Entrepreneurship last March. Their shimmering conclusion is that entrepreneurialism is alive and well and thriving the world over.

However, the main takeway from this insightful report is that entrepreneurialism needs to be rethought, and in almost all instances it involves not creative destruction but creative creation.

They also posit the Five Myths of Entrepreneurs:

  • The first is that entrepreneurs are “orphans and outcasts”.
  • The second myth is that most entrepreneurs are just out of short trousers.
  • The third myth is that entrepreneurship is driven mainly by venture capital.
  • The fourth myth is that to succeed, entrepreneurs must produce some world-changing new product.
  • The fifth myth is that entrepreneurship cannot flourish in big companies.

The report is wonderfully re-affirming that for those of us working with or as entrepreneurs, we are not wasting our lives and in fact are priviledged to working in one of the most exciting industries on the planet.

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