First rule of Next Media:

Be where your customers are.

Second rule of Next Media:


World Pillow Fight Day // Rome 2009 // Digitally Organized Flash Mob

Interactive Development

Our interactive development division designs, develops and delivers online & mobile sites and applications to enhance an entrepreneurs efforts or assist enterprises with their digital media concepts, strategies, executions and launches. From digital entrepreneurs in need of a few extra hands to execute their vision to enterprises developing new digital initiatives or redeploying their current digital assets, we help clients create interactive experiences that get measurable results.

Strategic Consulting

Start with a good idea, establish its point, its purpose, its objective, refine it into something clear and coherent, identify the audience most likely to respond to it, then compare it against competitors. All this before one 0 or 1 is coded, one pixel is designed, or one message is communicated and your product or project will have a foundation to grow from. We work with clients to focus their ideas into executable plans.

  • Key Services
  • Strategic Analysis & Planning
  • Audience Research
  • Idea Generation
  • Brand Strategy
  • Web Strategy
  • Content Planning & Copywriting

Visual Identity

In online and mobile communications, how you look is often as important as what you say. A great concept using all the right words may fall on deaf eyes if your identity doesn’t evoke the desired emotional and actionable responses. We take great care in working with clients to understand their brands – whether new or established – to precisely execute a strategic vision that opens the eyes of every customer.

  • Key Services
  • Information Architecture
  • Schematics & Wireframes
  • Logo & Graphic Design
  • Interaction & Visual Design
  • Sound & Motion Design
  • Collateral, Print & Packaging

Web Technology

While good looks can go a long way in finding the customer of your dreams, being smart can help you keep them. Smart design means performance, simplicity, reliability, adaptability, expandability and even mobility. We help clients deliver a great user experience combining the best of form and function, from the software to the database to the interface to the little red [or blue or green…] button that says “Buy Now.”

  • Key Services
  • Software Architecture
  • Database Design
  • Interface & Web Development
  • Content & e-Commerce
  • Software Development
  • Usability & Quality Assurance

Interactive Marketing

First rule of Next Media: be where your customers are. Second rule of Next Media: BE WHERE YOUR CUSTOMERS ARE. The right message to the right audience on the right sites at the right time is our marketing mantra. We help clients cut through the online clutter, select the best keywords, integrate with the right ad partners and parse the analytics so they know what happened, why it happened and what it means.

  • Key Services
  • Search Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Distribution
  • Paid Search Management
  • Contextual Advertising
  • Analytics & Reporting