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Private Equity Investments

Our private equity division secures, makes and manages small-to-large scale investments – and strategic acquisitions – in new, emerging and established companies involved in Consumer Internet & Digital Media businesses. We work with entrepreneurs to turn ideas into companies, with emerging companies looking to grow, and with enterprises wanting to leverage their intellectual property assets into digital businesses.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help great people build great companies and to transform the lives of every person touched by their business – the entrepreneur, the employee, the business partner, the investor, and the individual who is moved, helped, connected or entertained by the business. We believe that Consumer Internet & Digital Media companies have the ability to be a driving force in both business and cultural transformation, an ability to create new value, to define and dominate new market categories, and to ultimately change the world.

Next Media Ventures is committed to the Consumer Internet & Digital Media industry to help companies provide useful personal and business solutions, take advantage of new platforms and channels, develop and market great content, connect communities, and reach global audiences.

The Opportunity

The world is in the early stages of a dramatic transformation in the media, advertising, retail, entertainment and telecommunication industries. Thanks to globalization and digital technology, Consumer Internet & Digital Media companies are completely reinventing traditional business models and transforming the distribution of media content, services and applications. Broadband services, enhanced interactivity, cloud computing, new platforms, mobile penetration, vertical market strategies, and capital-efficient business models are just a few of the factors threatening existing business models, unlocking new economic opportunities, and opening new markets.

This transformation is creating significant opportunity for entrepreneurs, enterprises and investors, and Next Media Ventures is their partner.

Our Focus

We look to invest in Consumer Internet & Digital Media companies and initiatives with an attractive core business model and potential for growth. Our initial investment is in the $10,000 to $1 million range with startups and established enterprises focused on these sectors:

  • Industry Sectors
  • Advertising Networks & Applications
  • Content Networks & Media Distribution
  • Interactive Entertainment
  • Mobile Content & Applications
  • Social Media Networks & Applications
  • Web & e-Commerce Solutions
Our Approach


Our best investments prospects are early-stage startups and emerging businesses with a market changing idea, and established enterprises with a digital initiative that leverages their intellectual property and content in areas such as film, television, music, video games, publishing and software.


We view each investment as a partnership and aim to serve as a trusted advisor. We discuss the challenges and opportunities facing the business and develop an approach on how we can create value by understanding industry trends, providing key relationships, and offering guidance and commitment.

Add Value

We built Next Media to add value to each investment through our consulting and interactive divisions. We have substantial experience in managing and working with media, entertainment and technology businesses including planning, strategy, management, negotiation, design, development and marketing.


We’re focused on building the long-term value of each company through operational improvements, new product initiatives, new distribution channels, new licensing opportunities, the recruitment of management and creative talent, further investment and the deployment of new business models.