We may have all come

on different ships

but we're in

the same boat now

Open Water. Rough Seas.

Who We Are

There is a built in tension when you’re creating a new vision with new ideas. As entrepreneurs ourselves we don’t resist it – we embrace it – and above all we believe it is a team sport. We work hard together, play hard together, and most of all, thrive on getting to greatness together. This is why we’re passionate about helping outstanding entrepreneurs, enterprises and individuals turn their ideas into market-leaders.

Steve Everitt

Steve Everitt

Steve Everitt is a senior executive with 15 years of experience in media, advertising and consumer products, specializing in marketing, operations and development. From 1998 to 2009, Steve was President of Fresh Karma Communications, a web design, development and consulting firm. Steve occasionally took senior consulting positions with clients including Happy Planet Foods, a fresh juice manufacturer, and Azur Media, a online gaming software developer and marketer.

Prior to Fresh Karma, Steve worked as a Producer and Marketing Director at ITV.net, and as an Account Executive and Copywriter at Bryant, Fulton & Shee, working on accounts for Global Television, Saputo and Labatt Breweries. Steve holds an Advertising Diploma from the British Columbia Institute of Technology.

Antony Walter

Antony Walter

Antony Walter has extensive creative and development experience as a producer and executive in the film, television and interactive industries. From an Executive Producer at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation [CBC] in the 90’s, to a Digital Producer for Hollywood Broadcasting, or as an independent digital media entrepreneur producing projects with film directors like Spike Lee and Oliver Stone, Antony’s strengths are in team building, innovation and tenacity.

Connecting the dots and taking seemingly disparate ideas and putting them together in a way that is instantly functional and familiar is what Antony does best. He believes in the story, the creative, the process, and above all teamwork as a means to success.

Fabrice L'Heureux

Fabrice L’Heureux

Fabrice L’Heureux biography to come.